ECS Learning Services

WHO we are

We are a team of Executive Directors, Directors, Teaching and Learning Support Specialists, Prevention Specialists, Instructional Coaches, and Coordinators.

We comprise:

    • AVID, Career X, CareerWise

    • Curriculum

    • Early Childhood Education

    • Educational Technology

    • Educator Quality

    • Equity

    • Exceptional Student Services

      • Gifted and Talented

      • Special Education

    • Multi Tiered Systems of Support

    • Multilingual Education

    • Social and Emotional Education and Support

    • Wellness

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WHY we exist

ECS Learning services is a team of specialists designated to provide targeted support to each school in their areas of focus and/or need, with the goal of high student engagement and achievement for all. Additionally Learning Services supports schools in addressing state and federal mandates.

WHAT we do

Some of us work directly with principals, some directly with teachers, and some with students, but all of us with schools to help them achieve their School Improvement Plan goals. Not all of us work with all schools, but if a school has a need - just ask! We want to support you in your growth and achievements.

Ways we help:

    • Coach

    • Consult

    • Coordinate

    • Co-plan and co-teach

    • Educate and inform

    • Facilitate

    • Model

    • Serve as thought partners and critical friends

Remote Learning PD Modules

These asynchronous modules aim to support educators in navigating the remote learning environment.

Choose a topic that fits your current needs and learn at your own pace.

The average time to complete each module is 10-15 minutes.

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